Human soul needs peaceful survive
Atma undefeated component of existent creatures,
exclusive holder of mankind’s identity – Mahatma
Left thy Native Land deserting we.

Shadows, Principles of divines man addressed
Patriot, simplicity to remain in universe
Soul’s love on motherland injected keynote
Designer of Non-violance, invincible champion.

Slave by Birth however free at Death,
Affrayed for citizens of divines motherland,
Oldman’s  image kept at womb of residence
Universal leaders too disciple his path,

Sneer in crescent face, eyes reflect braveness,
activities like non-stop walk, stepped with third leg
in hand to anywhere till the four leg ceremony
dedicated his life, soul for motherland.

Admired philosophy of Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Nabi
Gurunanak   and others, soak up thy relevant,
Pour’s   love on living creatures, derived  a  path
Of live and lived as desired peacefully

British soldier, even Satan piteous on infants smile
a fifth sense man belongs Hell, denied mercy,
vigorously   acted with pistol against everlasting smile
Another crucifixion repeated in peninsula.

Motherland father’s, last breath needed thy
support  Hei  Ram, left planet universe stunned, wept
assassination of Bapuji resulted, integration regained
Gandhiji’s life illuastration for Universe’s sixth sense survivor.
Junior Assistant
Govt.High School,
 Arcot Kuppam
Thiruvallur Dist – 631 204
Cell : 99521 90041.

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